June 2012

House on Mardyke Walk, Cork City, nears completion


May 2012

Circular in form, this single-storey fully accessible 1000-pupil post-primary school competition entry for Tallaght has no front or back, leaving it free to be explored from all directions. Compass-like in its orientation, a primary north-south axis is countered by a number of perpendicular axes that run east-west with the site’s existing contour lines to establish the circulation system for the school.

The public rooms of the school (G.P. Hall, Sports Hall, Staff Room, Lecture Theatres) are organised on its periphery to provoke interrelation with the external public spaces encircling the school.

The choice of construction system is made on pragmatic grounds in order to significantly reduce builders’ preliminaries and to shorten the construction timeframe as a result of the extensive use of prefabricated building elements.


April 2012

Extension to Gorey Community School, Co. Wexford reaches towards practical completion.


March 2012

House at Pearl Beach, Australia nears completion. Fairfaced alabaster blockwork, exposed insitu concrete, polished terrazzo and sliding hardwood screens are employed.


February 2012

Gorey Community School extension rises from the ground. Three specialist classrooms (Science, Home Economics and Art) are being added to the front of the existing school thereby making a new entrance courtyard. A pattern of fairfaced smooth and textured white cement blocks are set at different planes to give depth to external facades.











January 2012

David striking the concrete study model for our latest project in Oslo, Norway


December 2011

A2 Architects are again supporting The Simon Community’s House of Cards Appeal this Christmas. Money raised during the appeal will be providing much needed emergency food, clothing and shelter for those who have no home to go to this Christmas. We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our respective clients, suppliers and friends a very Happy Christmas and New Year. (www.houseofcards.ie)

November 2011

Rafael Moneo sketching at A2’s Lucky Lane Housing on the occasion of his recent visit to Ireland. He was the recipient of an RIAI Honorary Fellowship at the recent Annual RIAI Conference in Carlow.


October 2011

House at Pearl Beach, New South Wales, Australia takes shape.


September 2011

The structural frame for House on Mardyke Walk is completed.


August 2011

A2 Architects win ‘Best House’ at the RIAI Irish Architecture Awards 2011 for Seaside House, Co. Louth. Citing the awarding jury, “externally the house responds to the informal nature of its seaside location in its relaxed choice of materials and a witty nod to its caravan-neighbours in its choice of bay-size.  This is counterpointed by the calm grandeur of its interior spaces, capturing poetic sea-views informed by rhythmic control of structure and satisfying detailing.”














Peter Carroll co-directs SAUL IU 2011 (School of Architecture University of Limerick Intelligence Unit 2011) with Professor Merritt Bucholz. The research work, entitled ‘A-political Island: Ireland’s Living Space’ focuses on the counties of Mayo and Fingal. Fundamentally this research project lifts all of the boundaries that define the extent of disciplinary / governance / infrastructure remit, and looks at Living Space the way people experience it – as one continuous place. Lifting the boundaries allows the region to be analysed at a variety of levels simultaneously; movement, energy, education, land use, nature, environment. In this synthetic way of looking at how the physical environment interacts with itself, and society in general, new ideas are being developed. (www.saul.ie/Introduction)


July 2011

A2 Architects win the open two-stage competition for the new Tullamore Community Arts Centre. The jury praised the design as ‘being permeable, responsive and flexible. It best understood the demands of the brief and the site, finding a balance of ambition and decorum in its architectural language’. Shortlisted practices included Grafton Architects, Lawrence and Long Architects and Robinson McIlwaine Architects. (www.facebook.com/pages/A2-Architects)




June 2011

A2 Architects receive a special mention at the AAI Awards 2011 for Artist’s Production Space, Vienna. In his commentary, William JR Curtis, one of this year’s jury, said ‘I really like the quietness of it. It has very elegant fenestration, it’s available and inviting, and even the way the space is organised… It’s all very understated.’


May 2011

A2 Architects are invited to submit a piece of work to the Annual RHA Summer Exhibition 2011, Dublin. The piece, ‘1:2011’, at once the 1:1 scale of a typical Stoneybatter sash window and the more all-encompassing context scale of 1:2000, imbues value and offers critique on strategy, grain, plot, type and dimension of a much-loved part of Dublin City.


April 2011

A2 Architects are invited to give a lecture on their work to date at Escuala Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura de Granada, Spain. The monthly series of lectures by young European architects is entitled ‘Dialogos’.